The Stylista Summer Trend Report


We’ve been around the block and seen trends come and go, but here are the ones we predict have staying power. From print-blocking to colour juxtaposition, Stylista’s cheat sheet of the hottest trends makes sure you’re clued-in with what’s trending in fashion.



We can’t think of a better way to perk up a dreary day. This roaring trend from the 80’s is back to add some much-needed pep to an otherwise tame look. Playful, bright and just right for spring, the neon trend is a favourite among celebrities, editors and bloggers alike.

How to wear it : Let your neons take center stage by pairing them with washed out greys and subtle nudes on hot summer days. Or simply wear the trend in smaller doses, like a neon cuff or clutch to pack punch into your everyday look.



Ebony and ivory is back from the 60’s to give you wardrobe a shot of mod. Transitioning easily from season to season and day to night, monochrome is the easiest way to add edge to your closet, without even having to shop too much!

How to wear it : Mix and match wardrobe staples like pencil skirts and skinny jeans with monochrome shirts and dresses. Throw in a bright necklace for an unexpected dash of colour.



Here’s a trend with a checkered past. Stripes were originally worn by deviants and social outcasts in the 1800’s, before they became the official uniform of the French navy. They were then adopted by Coco Chanel to become the timeless style statement they are today.  

How to wear it : Channel your inner zebra by stocking up on as many striped pieces as possible, then churning them out with pops of colour as you hit the streets. 



Walking on the wild side of style isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but pushing your inhibitions to the back of your closet is a must with the comeback of quirk this summer. Graphic or floral, animal or geometric, we’re not fussy. Just keep your head high and your silhouettes simple and you’ll be good to go.

How to wear it : The easiest way to clash your prints?  Mix outrageous prints with stripes and polka dots to balance the style scales.

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