A One-on-One with Wendell Rodricks


The Father of Indian Resort Wear stopped by for a chat with the Stylista Insider. Charming, insightful and multi-faceted, here’s what Wendell Rodricks had to say about fashion, Goa and his upcoming collection for Stylista:


SI: You have successfully dressed women ranging from demure to sexy. How do you manage to dress them all?

WR: It’s easy! Women, all women, inspire me to make them look beautiful, slimmer and taller. An ensemble has different emotions to satisfy. Once I know what a lady wants, whether it is red carpet or office wear, it is easy to deliver the emotion successfully.


SI: Which has been you favourite collection till date?

WR: Can one have a special, favourite child? I love them all equally. But VISIONNAIRE will always be special as it gave the visually challenged an answer to their dressing needs.


SI: Who is the Wendell Rodricks woman?

WR: The Indian woman. In all her avatars, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. And then there is the international woman who also fits into the fusion style that I do.


SI: Give us a few details on your upcoming collection for Stylista.

WR: For my Stylista collection, I chose to make a minimalist statement that stands out from what is available in the market. There are adaptations of classics but there is also a new line of jersey that I do not stock even in my own shop – a soft, luxurious jersey called Modal Lycra. With the collection, one can buy a single garment and mix it with pieces that either already exist in a woman’s wardrobe or can be sourced form the Wendell Rodricks for Stylista collection.


SI: If you weren’t a designer, what would you have been instead?

WR: A painter or a travel writer.


SI: Goa as a state is very special to you. Tell us a little more about it.

WR: Goa is home. It is not a place for me. It is an all encompassing emotion of many joys.


SI: Places we absolutely need to visit when we’re in Goa next?

WR: Please stay on the beach and leave us to our villages. Jokes aside, I must be selfish and put the Wendell Rodricks boutique at the top of the list.


SI: If you ever had to move out of Goa, which is the one city in the world you’d move to?

WR: Any place in Chile or Brazil. One is beautiful and the other super sexy….just like my clothes.


SI: Tell us something about you that nobody else knows.

WR: I have a phobia of dirt. And that includes unhygienic people!


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