10 Fashion Reads We Love


At the Stylista office, we love technology. Whether we’re tapping away at the latest app on our smartphones or loading our tablets with the hottest e-beach reads, we like staying ahead of the curve. But give us one rainy day and we can’t help but be drawn to the feel-good factor of an old-fashioned book.

Beautifully written, with mindblowing imagery, these are the treasures we’ll be passing down for generations, right alongside our vintage brooches and grandmother’s pearls:

1. ‘Fashion Babylon’ – Imogen Edwards-Jones

A must-read for aspiring designers. The book, set against the glamorous backdrop of London Fashion Week, walks you through six months in the life of a designer. From the inception of a collection to dealing with buyers, models and industry power players, the book highlights the harsh realities of swimming against the current in fashion’s dog-eats-dog world.

 2. ‘Chanel’ – Edmond Charles-Roux

Former editor of French Vogue and close friend of the legend that is Coco Chanel, Edmond Charles-Roux paints a portrait of fashion’s original icon in the most honest, compelling and unforgiving way. Flip through it’s delicate pages to read things you never knew about the woman who revolutionized womenswear.

3. ‘Moda Goa – History and Style’ – Wendell Rodricks

With a hand-written note to our Fashion Director from the author himself, Moda Goa is one of the most fascinating fashion reads we’ve chanced upon. Thoroughly researched, written and referenced, the title documents the history of Goan costume and it’s colorful multicultural influences.

4. ‘Crafting Indian Scripts’ – Jaya Jaitly and Subrata Bhowmick

Explore the aesthetics of India’s varied vernacular scripts in this vibrant book displaying rare, handcrafted collector’s letters, calligraphy and an in-depth history of the nation’s scripts.

 5. ‘Crafts Atlas of India’ – Jaya Jaitly

The author provides an insightful, academically enriching account of handmade textiles, traditional craft forms and artistic skills of various Indian states, emphasizing India’s cultural dexterity.

 6. ‘Saris’ – Rta Kapur Chishti

Graceful, powerful, feminine and provocative at the same time, the sari has been a constant source of mystery and wonder to most. Covering the styles and traditions of the garment across the length and breadth of India, the author provides an extensive overview of the language of the sari in this insightful read.

 7. ‘Kashmir Shawls’ – Wendell Rodricks

Wendell Rodricks maps out the rich legacy of shawl weaving techniques in India, it’s history from the 17th to early 20th century and it’s popularity as a winter fashion accessory over the world.

 8. ‘Stiletto’ – Caroline Cox

The stiletto has always aroused mixed feelings. An object of desire embraced by Hollywood starlets in the 1950’s or vociferously reviled by feminists in the 1970’s. Read all about the rise and fall of fashion’s favourite shoe in this chic read.

 9. ‘Model’ – Michael Gross

Michael Gross brings to light the ugly business of beautiful women in this shocking exposé. By taking us into the private studios where models play and are preyed upon, he deconstructs the industry’s façade of glamour to reveal untold truths of the trade.

 10. ‘The Green Room ‘ – Wendell Rodricks

Take a peek into the chaos and excitement of being backstage at a fashion show – the glamour, models, champagne and couture. ‘The Green Room’ offers you an insider’s perspective of the fashion world through the eyes and witty words of one of the country’s most celebrated designers, Wendell Rodricks.

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