Celebrity Dream Closets

dream closets

“I like my money right where I can see it, hanging in my closet” said our favourite onscreen fashion girl, Carrie Bradshaw.

A girls closet is her sacred space. She collects her moments through little mementos;  those glittery sky high heels for when she got her first pay, a beautiful shell necklace from a trip to Istanbul, yet another LBD (wasn’t  that the 17th? Shh!) for that special dinner date. The sheer size of her collection grows day upon day, and yet she has “nothing to wear” on a Monday morning.

Peek into her closet and you’ll find that she still has that comfy tee from college, the skirts she outgrew, that blue and white sweatshirt that the boyfriend sent from university, friendship charms from the wonder years, the cliche palm tree and Hollywood boulevard postcards that the best friend sent from a summer in California and a whole lot of curio that she just can’t rid of.

She dreams of a wardrobe to fit all her moments and memories, and of course all those shoes!

We scouted for a few of the world’s best wardrobes, spaces large enough to live in, complete with peonies and chandeliers! Here’s a list of these gorgeous walk in closets and the fabulous women who own them: 





jenna lyons




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