Cool Kid On The Block – Yogesh Chaudhary


Yogesh Chaudhary has graduated from NIFT, and completed his masters in design at NID. His Lakme Fashion Week collections under his label “Surendri” have been met with critical acclaim, and with unanimous appreciation from the fashion fraternity.  His collections which have  had elements from Atari’s iconic “PacMan”, colorful stripes, and underwater imagery over the seasons are fun, youthful and  innovative.  Celebrities such as Jaqueline Fernandez, Sonam Kapoor, and Chitrangada Singh love Yogesh’s creations.

We got cool kid on the block Yogesh to catch up with us over  a cuppa coffee at the Stylista office:

Stylista Insider: The Pacman collection was a huge hit, tell us about the design process behind it:

Yogesh Chaudhary: I play Pacman a lot; it’s the only game I played as a child, and continue to play even now. At Surendri we’re constantly looking for new motifs and ideas; it was only fitting that i used a childhood favourite for my collection inspiration. Everyone loves to revisit an iconic game like that through a piece of clothing they can own.


SI: Which has been your favourite collection till date?

YC: My favourite collection has been my last one, Lakme Fashion Week  S/S 2013 “Dip Dip Dip My Sunken Ship”.

SI: One person you love dressing up?

YC: Jaqueline Fernandez. She is young, beautiful, and carries off clothes wonderfully. She is the true Surendri woman.

SI: What was a defining moment in fashion for you?

YC: It was definitely when Sonam Kapoor wore the Pacman sari.

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SI: Tell us about your collection for Stylista:

YC: We’re doing a high street  line deriving from my runway pieces for Stylista: you’re going to see a whole lot of stripes and a lot of your favourite pacman print. We’re doing various segments of products: tracksuits, jumpsuits and t shirts so everyone can have a  wearable piece in their wardrobe. I can hardly wait for the collection to go online! 

SI: Creatively you’re very experimental as a designer; does that translate into experimentation in your daily life?

YC: On the contrary, I’m very fixed in my habits and the least experimental person.

When it comes to design however, I believe in doing what hasn’t been done before. I like to bring something new to the table that projects my individuality. For example, when I did the Pacman collection, I chose to do a sweater blouse instead of a regular blouse. This was something I’d seen my mother wear  and wanted that to reflect as a part of my labels’ DNA. In my recent collection I’ve done foil prints instead of traditional embroideries. Foil prints looks great, and are faster to produce. I’m always looking for newer solutions to existing problems.


SI: What is a day in the life of Yogesh Chaudhary like?

YC: I sleep and wake up in my studio! My day starts and ends with fashion. I haven’t taken a break in the longest time, I literally work 24/7!

SI: Tell us about your journey, and advice to young designers:

YC: As a child, I loved to create hands on.  I was introduced to fashion in my first year at NIFT, and  fell in love with it over the years there! NID on the other hand taught me design thinking. Design is about coming up with solutions to a constraint. As a young designer  my problem was that I could not work with  fully embellished garments because I couldn’t afford it. I decided to substitute hand embellishment with prints. My design processes are organic. I truly believe that the best design is brought out  by constraint.  So my word to young designers would be to cherish your constraints because they will bring out your best traits and originality.


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