Stripes – A Brief History


From nautical to zebra, chevron and pin, stripes have always been in demand. And even through it’s constant subjection to styling rules and unfortunate stigma, the ebony and ivory phenomena has powered through and stood the test of time for generations.

As Stylista rehashes the striped trend’s checkered past, read through to learn things you never knew about the print and it’s bittersweet adventure through fashion over the decades.

1880’s – Possibly one of the worst taboos you could commit, stripes were infamous, blasphemous and only adorned by convicts, clowns and the condemned. A member of the French clergy been caught wearing stripes was even sentenced to death.


1920’s – Since then, stripes evolved in a marginally positive direction on being adopted by the French as their official naval uniforms. It was then that they were discovered by Coco Chanel. Inspired by their minimalist aesthetic, her stroke of genius and enviable foresight led to the invention of the Breton striped sweater, which went on to become a celebrated item of clothing, worn even today.

1930’s – Following Chanel’s sophisticated girl-meets-boy rendition, the striped trend once again reverted to it’s nautical roots as sailor-inspired styles were popularized by the quintessential pin-up girls, Bette Davis and Jean Harlow.

1960’s – Moving into the dawn of the mod sqaud, stripes were sported by the reckless, rebellious youth looking to question the authority of fashion in radical ways.


2013 – Fast forward to today, the stripe has made it’s way into every woman’s heart and closet thanks to it’s versatility, effortlessness and ability to assimilate with an array of styles and prints. And since Stylista loves indulging you with the best fashion has to offer, we’ve gone ahead and collaborated with Yogesh Chaudhary to bring you a series of statement stripes you’ll wear (and love!) for seasons to come.

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