At the Stylista HQ – Priyadarshini Rao


The Priyadarshini Rao woman is earthy and sensual, childlike and freespirited. Quintessentially bohemian in aesthetic, Priyadarshini Rao occupies a privileged position amongst celebrated designer names in the Indian Fashion Industry. We caught up with her at the Stylista offfice to get an insight into her collection for Stylista:


SI: We’re honored that you chose to collaborate with us. But tell us, what drew you to Stylista?

PR: Online shopping sites are gaining credibility in India. No one else in India has come up with the idea of co branding with designers. Most Indian companies work on a consignment basis. The Stylista business model has long term gain for designers.


SI: You’ve been in the fashion industry for a while now! How long has it been exactly?

PR: Seventeen years and counting!



SI: What would you say is your design philosophy?

PR: It has been an evolution over the years for me as a designer; for me style and comfort are prerequisite.  I believe in creating clothes for the real woman – a woman who knows her mind and knows what makes her look sexy.


SI: Tell us a little about your collection for Stylista.

PR: My collection for Stylista is going to be feel-good, price conscious clothing and my silhouettes will make women feel sensuous.


SI: What according to you makes up ‘high street’ fashion?

PR: High street fashion for me is everyday clothing. This can be a basic tee shirt by any brand you trust. It could also be special clothing that you wear on days to make you feel good. high street clothing is clothing that you wear to “dress your soul”.



SI: What trends should Stylistas look forward to wearing this season?

PR: I just got back from the US, and the youth in India are sartorially on the same page as the kids in California when it comes to trends. shorts are something I see everybody wearing this season.


SI: We hear you’ve been working closely with Tabu. Can you tell us a little about that?

PR:I’ve been designing a lot of her personal dresses and am currently working on a movie with her.


SI: So if she were to attend a glamorous red carpet event, what would you dress her in?

PR:Tabu understands great quality fabric, so i  would start off with selecting a great quality of textile, perhaps a benarasi.  She’s got an impressive height and physique so something that brings out her best qualities, but definitely not a lehenga choli!


SI: So not a lehenga fan, we gather?

PR: It just isn’t my personal style. Though I do work on salwar sets during Diwali, when they’re in popular demand. Last year I started doing long embroidered maxis which work beautifully for evening occasions.


SI: Who is the Priyadarshini Rao woman?

PR:I keep myself in mind, a woman in her 40′s who feels younger than her age, loves dressing up when she feels like it and knows that she has a wide range of choices. She dresses for comfort and is never in-your-face with her style. She isn’t someone who everyone turns around to look at, but instead she likes to build her presence. She’s more cerebral than all about her clothes.


SI: So is there one achievement in particular that you’re especially proud of?

PR: Delicate, intricate Indigo prints that I’ve been using for the past five years. Creating and innovating with these are a joy!


SI: And lastly, what’s next for Priyadarshini Rao?

PR: Jackets! I would love to cut a mean jacket. They take an ensemble to a whole other level and can easily take ten years off a girl!


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