Brazil Through My Eyes – Aparna Badlani


Owner of Atosa, one of Mumbai’s most celebrated multi-designer stores, Aparna Badlani is no stranger to the fashion fraternity. With her eclectic style, million-watt smile and enviable people skills, it’s easy to say she wins hearts wherever she goes.   

Back from Brazil with a sun-kissed tan, a plethora of new accessories and a fresh perspective on life that only a vacation can bring, she recounts the most memorable moments from her trip, exclusively for Stylista:



While I packed my bags to ready myself for a seventeen day vacation across Brazil, that seemed like a never ending charade of long flights and jumping cities, at no point was I prepared for what was in store!

All I was told was that we were going to a country that was a crazy mix of all weather types – cold, rainy, hot and humid. Which brought me to my biggest dilemma – how does a girl pack for this unexpected weather? I decided to throw caution to the wind and hope for the best as I threw a few favourite things into my suitcase and got ready to embark on a journey into the unknown.

Stop One – The Amazon Rainforest

 If heaven truly does exist, it’s right here on earth, in the majestic, all-encompassing Amazon. Imagine an endless stretch of lush greenery, exotic wildlife and trees that seemed like they’d put city skyscrapers to shame! We spent five days soaking in the sights and sounds of the jungle, trekking, fishing and abandoning our cushy city-slicker lifestyles by learning a thing or two about the survival of the fittest. Oh, and we dressed the part, too. Zero-fuss overalls and sturdy boots served as the perfect camouflage pieces to blend into the wild.


 Stop Three – São Paulo

Brazil’s largest city and industrial capital was a stark contrast to laid-back Rio de Janeiro. It’s serious-looking corporate offices and large industrial spaces were reminiscent of other fast-paced cities like New York or Mumbai. A concrete jungle laced with pockets of green and crystal clear lakes, it’s citizens were businesslike in not only their attire, but their demeanor. Everyone was in a rush to get somewhere, and, since work was the nucleus of most major social interactions, visiting Sao Paulo was the inertia I needed to get out of vacation mode and get back to reality!  


Boarding the plane back home, I couldn’t help but look back on the past couple of weeks and be grateful for how well my holiday was planned. That, coupled with great company and new experiences made visiting Brazil one of the life-changing travel expeditions of my life.


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