First Look – Rinku Dalamal for Stylista


Tastefully infused with breezy kaftans, edgy animal prints and glamorous gowns, Rinku Dalamal opens up about her collection for Stylista, her influences, inspirations and all-encompassing  love affair with fashion. 


SI: We took a peek at your collection for Stylista and saw that you love animal prints! Tell us more about your love affair with nature.

RD: My animal inspired collection for Stylista is infused with bright colors and bold prints goes back to my love of all things nature inspired. I fuse my love of travel with nature and each year a collection that tantalizes the palette is born. This time around during my family vacation to Australia I was mesmerized by the dramatic diverse landscapes and its exotic animals. This collection depicts the vibrancy of the Australian desert to the grasslands to its ever famous coral reefs.


SI: You studied at the prestigious FIT. What is your favourite memory from your college days?

RD: My FIT experience was one of the most precious and amazing experiences of my life. There are so many memories that to really pick one is difficult. However my love affair with New York has started since then. 


SI: What is your biggest source of inspiration?

RD: For my work I am truly inspired by nature – it’s colors and the uniqueness of animals and plants. I often ponder how each living being has its own distinctive personalities, characters and look.


SI: We’ve seen strong resort influences in your collections here and overseas. What draws you to resort wear?

RD: Resort wear to me represents the fun, the free and the flowy. It represents the well traveled woman of today who is not afraid the explore. She has her own personal style and is all about taking it to another level.


SI: Why do you think the kaftan is such a hit with celebrities on vacation?

RD: Because they are easy. One can easily wear them from day to night and still look fabulous.


SI: Have you loved fashion since your childhood? When did you know it was what you wanted to do?

RD: My love for fashion has been drawn from watching my father start his wholesale manufacturing and export business. I always would go to his factories and would love to add more elements to his plain t shirts. I knew from an early age that I wanted to work with fashion as I its also in my genes, but I wanted to create clothing that empowered women.


SI: If we asked a friend to describe you in three words, which ones would they pick?

RD: Elegant, loyal and a straight shooter.


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