Styling 101 with Tanya Sharma

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Beautiful and talented designer Tanya Sharma has been an industry favourite with her fun and fresh clothing label ‘GaGa’. However few people know that she first made her mark as a stylist. She has styled advertisements for leading brands like Cadbury, Halls, Lenovo, Tata Motors etc. Tanya took some time out to give all aspiring stylists some very important advice and helpful tips.

“Styling is very demanding. Listening to  and understanding what your client wants is essential.When I’m styling I keep a few things in mind:

  • Make sure you understand the brief completely and keep the tone, direction and theme of the shoot in sync at all times.
  • Styling is a team effort. It is very important to work hand in hand with the art director. One should be well versed with the colour story of the set so your clothes don’t standout but compliment the look in its entirety.
  • Don’t restrict yourself when you source, it totally depends on the feel of the shoot. In the past I have sourced from malls, the streets, friends houses, second hand clothing stores -  you name it, I’ve probably been there.
  • Your fittings are extremely important. It’s when the entire look comes together, model, clothes, accessories etc. At all fittings and in fact during the entire project one has to be patient and approachable.
  • Be confident in your ability and in your work.

Styling is a great career. It’s the perfect opportunity to learn through experimentation and enhance your creative prowess.”

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