How To Be An #InstaStylista


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We’ll be the first to admit that we get obsessed with things quickly. But when it comes to Instagram, we’re all-out addicted! And can you blame us? Those nifty little filters transform the most mundane images intodigitally enhanced masterpieces, leaving us with happy fantasies of being professional photographers…or, erm, maybe that’s just us.

Either way, since the dawn of Instagram, the fashion fraternity has gone completely snap-happy. A kind of micro-blogging on the go, Stylistas worldwide use it to post pictures of their outfits of the day (or#OOTD in InstaSpeak), their latest fashion finds, inspirations and even live runway reports!

Want to join the party? Read our guide to being an #InstaStylista first:


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1. Show Us Your World

Who are you? What are you wearing? Who are you inspired by? What makes you tick? Or everyone’s favourite – what are you eating? People follow you on Instagram to know all about you. So take that personality out for a spin – this is the place to let it shine.

2. Mix It Up

Plain old photographs tend to get a little stale after a certain point, which is why we welcomed the Insta Video feature with open arms! Go ahead and play director. Show the world your fashion musings in video format. We tried it. It’s fun. 

3. Write a Kick-Ass Bio

Woo them with pretty pictures all you like, but the most overlooked Instagram feature is your bio. Sitting right at the top of your profile, your bio is the first thing a new follower will read before they take the leap and become an ardent fan. Even a single line would suffice. Spice it up and they will follow. 


{ Aayushi Bangur’s Instagram }

4. The Rainbow The Better

Nobody wants to see broody pictures on Instagram. If you want to vent, take it to Twitter. In fact, it’s a proven fact that bright colours and happy pictures attract more positive attention than boring black and white. Always remember to keep it fresh, spirited and fun! 

5. Always Add a Fashion Element

Heading out on a Starbucks run? Snap your coffee cup with a bright manicure. Running errands? Show them your funky new hobo bag. Got your stash of the latest fashion magazines? You get our drift. Oh, and those sexy new stilettos you bought add a dose of high style to everything. Pun totally intended.


 { Karuna Laungani’s Instagram }


1. Be a Hashtag Whore

#Seriously. #We #Cannot #Stress #This #Enough.

See how annoying it can be? Sure, it gets you more followers, but nobody likes searching for your picture caption in a sea of hashtags. Be smart about the tags you pick and make sure they’re relevant to the picture you’re posting.

2. Over-Populate

Lucky you. You have a thrilling life. But do we need to see updates from you every thirty minutes? Not really. Remember the saying ‘Absence makes the heart grow fonder’? Apply the same principle to your grams.

3. Overdo the Selfies

Enough with the bathroom selfies with your BFF already. Especially if you’re pouting or showing us a peace sign. Been there, unfollowed that.


{ Akanksha Redhu’s Instagram }

4. Instagram On Loop

One picture of a particular object or incident is great. Five pictures of the same thing isn’t. Show us something new in the next one, maybe?

5. Be Desperate!

Keep it classy, ladies! This isn’t the place for skimpy bikini pictures or drunken exploits. Unless, of course, you’re Kesha. Trust us, as fun as your crazy pictures from last Friday night may seem to you, you’re better off without creepy guys asking to ‘make fraandship’ with you.


{ Tanya Ghavri’s Instagram }

That being said, here are the #InstaStylistas who get gramming right and whose fashionable feeds we just can’t get enough of:

 Nishka Lulla, Designer (@nishkalulla)

No stranger to the world of fashion, or social media for that matter, the lovely Nishkaposts sneak peeks of her upcoming collections you wouldn’t normally get to see, pictures of celebrities in her amazing clothes and even pictures of her own everyday outfits. Ladies, take note.

Tanya Ghavri, Celebrity Stylist (@tanghavri)

Stylist to India’s Fashion Darling, Sonam Kapoor (not to mention a host of other Bollywood A-listers), Tanya posts sneak peeks of her fabulously turned out clients before you see them on the red carpet.

Masaba Gupta, Designer (@masabagupta)

Our team’s official InstaCrush, Masaba is constantly updating her profile with pictures of her high fashion life and enviable wardrobe. Follow her for a peek at the girl behind her eponymous label.

Karuna Laungani, Ex Fashion Editor of ELLE India (@freefalling84)

A must-follow for a dose of fashion inspiration, Karuna posts behind-the-scenes footage from the awe-inspiring editorials she styled, runways and an adorable little pug!

Aayushi Bangur, Fashion Blogger (@styledrive)

Pretty as a picture, Aayushi posts previews of her latest blog posts, outfits of the day, beauty products and dainty jewellery she’s loving right now.

Akanksha Redhu, Fashion Blogger (@akanksharedhu)

As edgy as they come, Akanksha not only posts fashion, but dabbles in lifestyle as well. If your feed needs a touch of flavor check out her posts on food, flats and other interesting things she chances upon in her home city, Delhi.


{ Stylista’s Instagram }

Stylista (@sylistainsider)

Would it be too cheeky to say we saved the best for last? A mystery girl instagrams secrets from inside the Stylista headquarters! Follow her for behind-the-scenes footage from the office, see what our team is wearing, videos from the models at our photoshoots and exclusive previews of what’s in store!

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