A Day In The Life Of Yogesh Chaudhary


From personally overseeing every little aspect of the design process at his studio to taking out time to watch his favourite tv shows, Yogesh Chaudhary does it all, albeit on an unconventional work and sleep cycle. Here, the designer and gaming enthusiast catches up with the Stylista team to reveal what it’s really like to work in the industry, the sacrifices he makes and how organization helps him stay on top of everything a crazy work day throws at him. Young designers, read this before you dive head first into the world of fashion:


“My day usually begins around noon. Since I sleep in my office, which is right above my studio, I usually wake up to the sound of my assistants pounding on the door, with hope of accessing the printer.

 The first 45 minutes of my day are the most crucial and go in to planning the day ahead. Post this is my nourishment time, also known as breakfast, or as the common folk would say, lunch. I have to admit although I’m a foodie, I don’t really adhere to a food cycle. I eat as I see it.

Once the team is back from lunch, everyone including my masters, tailors, assistants and myself begin our daily ritual of chalking out our priorities to avoid inefficient overlaps. These are always unrealistically over-ambitious, but almost always met with.

 The rest of my day is consumed by co-ordination with stylists, vendors, billing and magazines. And while I try and delegate a few of these tasks, most of it calls for me being on top of everything.

 Shortly after, I shift my base to the finishing table. For me, the process of checking quality, fit, sizing, tagging, and overviewing the final product is fascinating and definitely my favourite part of being a designer. We often joke that my production unit sees more action than Basic Instinct!

 Some of my evenings are spent with printers and fabric vendors and, if I’m lucky, on a rare day I might actually even get to see my friends!


On a typical weekday, I really begin my work at 10pm. From ideating and creating detailed technical sketches of each outfit to generating prints, the design process begins at my desk and ends on a fit model. I usually try to ensure that every design, along with all its minute details is translated onto paper, but that doesn’t always mean that we stick to it. Every piece changes and evolves till the last stitch, depending on factors like the fall of the fabric, the trim and seam placement, the width of a cuff and the length of the dress.

 This is also the time when I am active on social media platforms to keep myself updated with the real world.

 Midnight hunger pangs are common, which is why I’m thankful for the numerous midnight food delivery services in my vicinity, Gurgaon. By the time I’m done with work, it’s usually between 2 and 3am, which is when I watch a couple of episodes of a show I’m currently obsessed with or a film I’ve been meaning to watch. These usually work as modern-day lullabies and I drift off to sleep promising myself I’ll surface in time for a good workout.

 The next thing I know, my assistants are banging on my door again.”


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