#MusicMondays – ‘Pastels’ by Frame/Frame


It’s not often that you listen to a new track on a quiet Sunday evening and get so taken in by its moody, sexy groove that you have it on loop for hours. That’s exactly what I did last evening when I downloaded Nikhil Kaul aka Frame/Frame’s just released EP, Swimmers.

The lush soundscapes and wistful bass of Pastels instantly drew me in, its reflective mood playing beautifully against the minimal, organic arrangement. And so on a pensive loop I listened, falling deeper and deeper into the ruminative mind of a master mood architect.

Kaul, the 26-year-old Delhi-based electronic producer behind Frame/Frame, has put together a wonderful surprise in the form of his debut EP, which experiments with sonic collages and a wide variety of sample sources to show off an eclectic project full of electro, glitch-hop and post-rock influences.

Swimmers is something that I hope everyone listens to at home, at work, in their car and in the shower. I’ve tried a lot of different things and a lot of personal influences have played different parts in constructing this EP. I can only hope that the only genre that it finally fits into is ‘good music’”. Amen to that!

Give Pastels a listen on Youtube here or download the EP from the artist’s Bandcamp page here.

P.S. While Nikhil is only too happy to let you download the EP for free, I encourage you to show the artist some love and ‘name your price’ to give a little back for his hard work!

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