#MusicMondays – Bruno Mars’ Gorilla


Barely five days since Bruno Mars’ Gorilla hit Youtube and the track has already hit over 3.6 million views (reportedly breaking the million mark in just over an hour)! While the song channels early 80s Prince and his signature brand of arena rock fused with power pop hooks, there’s no doubt that the reason for its massive Youtube eyeballs is the former Girl Next Door Freida Pinto.

The actress plays a sultry stripper called Isabella in the NSFW video, and we must warn you that this is not the boringly predictable Freida we’re come to know over the years. Instead, the actress is projecting a provocative new image, and Gorilla is her vehicle to showcase the fierce and fabulous new Freida. (Who knew she was hiding that body under all those prim dresses?) Getting seriously down and dirty in the bedroom jam, the sassy sex kitten pulls off some gravity-defying spins on a pole, licks guitars and disrobes with such ferocity that it literally causes the strip joint to short circuit. Hot damn, woman!


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