Behind The Scenes At Stylista


While a good magician never gives away his secrets, at Stylista we’re not opposed to letting you in on the fun! The secret ingredient to all of Stylista’s most delicious concoctions lies at the source – our production factory. Nestled in the heart of Mumbai and buzzing with activity, here’s a look into the nucleus of our little world.


Measuring up the goodies

4 Designer Selection

Print happy!


The devil is in the details


Pops of colour


A gorgeous maxi-dress in the making


This is where it all begins


The finished designer pieces!

We meticulously look into each step of the production process – from the initial sketch to the fabric selection, printing, dyeing, sewing, cutting and fitting. Our favourite part, however, is falling in love with the final product!

We hope you adore our garments as much as we do. Go check out Stylista for a ton of fabulous fashion and tell us what you think of them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @StylistaInsider