Stylista Designers On Their 2014 Resolutions!


So you’ve committed to a bubbly-free new month, joined that yoga class with renewed enthusiasm and vowed to save up this year. Health, happiness, sobriety and savings? Yep, us too!

Our favourite designers, however, are creative mavericks who balance work and home, travel and glamorous events, fashion shows and play time with astounding ease. We asked some of our favourite creative minds what their resolutions for the new year are and here’s what they had to say:

~ Wendell Rodricks ~


The Goa-based designer is well-known for his love of travel. Of his resolutions this year, he says, ”For starters, I’m going to complete two new books that have been in the pipeline for a while now. Both are educational: one for fashion and the other for Goan children. Secondly, I did not showcase my collection in Mumbai last year so I need to rectify that this year. Maybe Stylista can be a part of it! Also, I’m going on a trip to see the original lands of the great Mughals later this year. From Mongolia to Samarkand, it should be a great learning holiday and possibly surface as a fashion collection like the African collection I did for Wills India Fashion Week last season. Whatever I do, “Bon Voyage” will be an oft-repeated phrase for 2014!”

Priyadarshini Rao ~


A lover of all things natural, Priyadarshini Rao’s collections are for women who appreciate textiles, textures and traditions. An avid runner who also dabbles in yoga (her “me” time is mostly balanced between family and exercise for both the body as well as the mind), the fit and fabulous designer says, ”I hope to run longer and faster, and participate in at least four Half Marathons this year!”

Nishka Lulla ~


Nishka Lulla is one of the most popular young designers in the country today. Always up for pushing her creative boundaries, the talented young lady is often sported at events across Mumbai dressed in her own creations (and we have to say that she’s probably her own best muse!). With an aim to focus on new adventures this year, Nishka says, “My resolution this year is to definitely travel a lot more, discover new places and explore new cultures and cuisines.”

Yogesh Chaudhary ~


True talent only shines through with the invisible magic of consistent, hard work. The industrious Yogesh Chaudhary would know a little something about that! However, the young designer is focussed on balancing his work-life priorities this year, saying, “My new year resolution is to devote as much time as possible to my personal life; I want my professional life to take a back seat this year. My first step in that direction is to get myself a new car shortly and kickstart 2014 with a bang. It’s going to be all about my needs, my wants, my family, my friends and my health this year!”

Tanya Sharma ~


A lover of big, bold colours, Tanya Sharma’s clothes are a mix of the avant-garde and the sublime. This year, however, the princess of neons and prints says that her resolutions involve exploring new creative avenues this year. Says the model-turned-designer, “My first resolution is to do away with neons in my next collection! And oh, my second resolution is to work harder in 2014!”

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