Stylista Equation: Monday Meetings


It’s a Monday yet again, and our favourite way to beat the blues is to dress sharp and feel the part!

We’re wearing this monochrome and gold outfit to our seemingly never ending series of meetings today:

1) The Yogesh Chaudhary for Stylista Blurred Lines Shirt: With its black and white stripes and relaxed fit, this shirt is a sartorial must have.

2)A gold watch: Sharply dressed, and right on time? You’ve definitely made an impression even before the meeting begins. With a combination like that, the competition better watch out!

3) Classic white fitted pants: A great pair of white pants add an unexpected touch to any outfit. These fitted beauties perfectly balance the pinstriped top.

4)Black Satchel: This roomy leather satchel carries all your monday armor. Planner, check. Smartphone, check. Business cards, check. iPad air, check. Mints, check. Nude lipstick, check. All a girl needs is her trusty handbag and her sharp wit to get through even the busiest day.

5)Pointy Pumps: An edgy shoe with a touch of gold, these flats are stylish, the right amount of formal and comfortable all at the same time. A win win indeed!

Shop chic workwear on! Have a productive Monday, xx


Always ready for a macaroon and a good giggle, Shamita is the team’s resident magpie and collective conscience. She knows design like the back of her hand and is perennially clued in on everything fashion.