Stylista Equation: First Date


Ah, the magic of a first date! Everything feels fresh and new and the air is punctuated with promise and anticipation. You’ve been texting for a while now and he finally made the move and asked you out to *gasp* dinner. But even though you’ve stalked him on Facebook, Googled the restaurant you’re going to and Wikipedia-ed his favourite football team (just in case the conversation runs dry), no amount of preparation is enough without the perfect outfit. Luckily, we did your homework for you and put together a fail-safe look that is both, flirty and functional, so all you have to do is focus on is batting your lashes and perfecting your pout!

Lace Detail Top: Delicate and feminine, this pretty basic is the perfect foundation to build any look on. The intricate lace details juxtaposed by the sharp collar lends a girly yet spunky vibe, while the fact that it’s sleeveless is the perfect way to show a little skin!

Pleated Skirt: How we love this fun skirt! Punchy neons and soft pleats bring out your light-hearted, feminine side, while showing your date that you don’t take yourself too seriously.

Nude bag: The perfect date bag must be dainty enough to show you’re not high maintenance, but still tote around all your essentials (a compact to combat shine, a phone with your best friend on speed dial and a pack of mints…well, in case the date goes better than expected!)

Gold flats: The reason we picked flats instead of heels? Well, to make a hasty getaway if the date ends badly, of course! Plus heels tend to be fussy and an absolute nightmare to walk in if you plan on a romantic walk after dinner.

Watch: Sure your date may not be going as well as you’d hoped, but pulling out your phone to check the time every five minutes could come across as rude. Think smart and opt for a pretty watch that doubles as an accessory and is easy to subtly glace at if your date is more boring than a night at the library.

Lipstick: Steer clear of cakey makeup and heavy, runny lipgloss and opt instead for a lipctick in your favourite colour. The trick is to picking a moisturizing lippy that lends a touch of sheen and makes your lips look irresistible!

Don’t forget to spritz on your favourite fragrance before you walk out the door! Good luck!

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