Top Style Resolutions To Follow in 2014


The best of us are guilty of many a sartorial crime. Hoarding? Check. Impulse shopping? Check. A wardrobe that’s filled to the brim and yet not finding something to wear? Check. The result: a messy wardrobe that needs editing and some tough love. I solemnly swear to follow these style resolutions in 2014:

1. Declutter your wardrobe

Do away with the old to make way for the new! Do what it takes to declutter your wardrobe. Organise the clothes you use regularly into specific shelves, and be ruthless with that skirt or tee  you haven’t worn in a long time. You’ll be surprised by the clothes you’ve kept, thinking of a better time to wear them in! Getting rid of clutter will open up space for new fashion acquisitions that will express your personal style better.

2. Get inspired

It’s easy to get lazy and wear the comfiest separates in your wardrobe. Be creative on a daily basis and scour the virtual space to find your personal style. There are endless resources to inspire you – from magazines to blogs. Good old-fashioned scrapbooking from your favourite magazines is a winner, but pinning away your wishlist online is just as fun.

3. Define your basics

Basics are the building blocks of every wardrobe. Every girl needs a different set of basics specific to her personal style and schedule. A crisp white shirt and black blazer are indispensable for the working woman, but a girl in the creative field will need a few slouchy jackets and comfortable tees she can team with trendy pants and accessories to wear for work and play.

4. Evolve

This is a personal mantra I aim to stick to this year. New beauty products are on my list. Are you more of a dress person, and less of a bag person? Aim to diversify and add new pieces to your wardrobe; you’ll  notice the difference.

5. Wear more colour

Don’t be afraid to add a splash of colour to your wardrobe. Bright colours make for a great pick-me-up – and great pictures too!

6. Consider a custom fit

It’s no secret: fit is key to a great dress. The local darzi will nip and tuck that dress that’s been lying in your wardrobe and give you a flattering new fit.

7. Invest in quality over quantity

Buy the pieces you need. Shop smart from the brands you love. Don’t pick up outfits you’ll rarely wear because they’re on sale, we’ve all been guilty of that! Stuff like that just lies around unused in the closet taking up space.

8. Be a fashion insider

Stay informed about designer collaborations, exhibitions and sample sales in your city. Virtually speaking, sign up for newsletters from your favourite e-tailers. You’re bound to get a great bargain and loyalty points!

9. Cherish vintage

My favourite pair of palazzos are my mum’s hand-me-downs from the 70s. Similarly, I cherish her high-waist printed skirts and my paternal grandmother’s cat eye sunglasses and Art Deco gold ring. Vintage pieces make for great sentimental as well as sartorial investments.

10. Display your collection

What good is a magpie without her pretty little nest? Get a Carrie Bradshaw-esque open wardrobe, and hang your collection of baubles on cute accessory stands. On my wishlist is a great little shoe-shelf to show off all the glittery heels and fierce pumps. There’s nothing better to wake up to than a shiny, happy wardrobe!

Tell us what your style resolutions are for the coming year. I’m hoping I abide by mine all year through!

Always ready for a macaroon and a good giggle, Shamita is the team’s resident magpie and collective conscience. She knows design like the back of her hand and is perennially clued in on everything fashion.