10 Commandments Of A Stylista


Someone once said, “Rules are made to be broken.” While we’re not ones to shy away from clashing our purse and shoes, or wearing red lipstick during the day, we do believe there should be a rule book in place. Just for a little structure. If you agree, you’ll love the Stylista Insider team’s list of funny fashion commandments, designed specifically to mimic fashion stereotypes and provide you with a giggle. Let’s count back from 10.


10. Thou shalt not be over-enthusiastic about Casual Fridays.
We  love our shorts, flip-flops and sheer blouses. But wearing them off the beach and in the office? Quelle horreur!


9. Thou shalt wear sweatpants at the gym, and the gym alone!
Yes, we know they’re comfortable. But that’s why God invented their chicer, more sophisticated cousin, leggings!


8. Thou shall be well dressed irrespective of size, shape or budget
Your city is full of stores with cute clothes in every budget and every size. Go ahead and take advantage of the multitude of options before you. Stylista.com is a great place to start!


7. Though shalt remember McQueen before McDonalds
Take a minute to stop and think about what you’re putting in your system. Then go ahead and eat it anyway! Life is too short to miss out! 


6. Thou shalt invest in a full-length mirror
Your new outfit looks great, but a head-to-toe once-over before you head out the door never hurt anyone.


5. Though shalt refrain from style snobbery
Fashion is about more than expensive labels. Try experimenting with vintage, thrift, street or high street pieces to truly optimise your personal style.


4. Thou shalt steer clear of Ed Hardy and Crocs
Do we even need to elaborate?


3. Thou shalt not be a trend victim
Sure, everyone’s wearing it. But does that mean you should squeeze yourself into something that may not work for you? Ask a friend for advice before you take the plunge.


2. Thou shalt commit fashion adultery
Think of your favourite store as a dead-end relationship. Spice up your style by exploring your options and flirting with that boutique you always wanted to try.


1. Thou shalt shop at Stylista

Versatile, affordable and bang on trend, the answer to all your style problems is here!