Wendell Rodricks’ Travelogues


Travel almost always tops our list of resolutions every year. It could be big (a backpacking trip across the country with your best friend) or it could be small (a relaxed weekend away from the city). Sometimes though, despite our meticulous planning and detailed itineraries, our adventure plans never move past the drawing board. However, just ’cause we can’t make the trip ourselves, that doesn’t mean we can’t live it vicariously through another person.

Enter Wendell Rodricks’ travel pictures on Facebook. The designer has been on a whirlwind voyage at sea since December, taking off from sunny Florida to cities in Cuba, Colombia, Costa Rica and currently New Zealand! His pictures are enough to spark some serious travel envy, especially considering the fact that he makes it a point to take off on an exotic adventure atleast twice a year! Browse a selection of some of his best pictures from his ongoing trip below, which he describes in vivid detail. Don’t forget to take notes ladies, for these are places you’ll definitely want to visit someday!

3“Home for 47 days. The Silver Whisper.”

2“Ahhh. The inner coastal waterway in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Perfect day by the water….love it!”

6 “Cartagena, Colombia. The Old City is a UNESCO site. Deservedly! It is so beautiful. From the pages of a Garcia Marquez book.”

8” The pet Toucan at the Hotel Santa Clara, Cartagena. Never seen one this ‘up close’.”

11 “Early Mayan, Aztec, pre- Inca, 1250 BC temple, market, ball court ruins at Izapa, Mexico. This was the original site that gave rise to the grandeur of future Mayan, Inca and Aztec sites. A wonderful history lesson in stone.”

12 “Lunch at the Banyan Tree Cabo Marquez after seeing the divers plunge in the Bay of Acapulco, Mexico. New Year’s Eve dinner follows. Ship in the bay to see the fireworks. Crystal champagne chilling. Cheers all. Happy New Year!”

15“I looked at this photograph I took in Cartagena, Colombia and pondered why it was so minimal, different, ‘clean’. I can now see why. Not a single shop hoarding. No hanging cable wires. No electric posts. No satellite dishes. No litter. Just a clean street… free of modern visuals that we have become immune to!”

16.“Cabo San Lucas, Mexico… God made you so beautiful. A rare jewel on the Mexican coast!” 

17“Tequila factory at 9.30am. Chile Chile (cheers cheers in Mexican)!”

“Dawn…. Heading north to Los Angeles.”
“Pearl Harbour. Moving monument to the Arizona that was sunk ‘ Tora Tora Tora’.”
27“Between Fanning Island, Kiribati and Pago Pago, American Samoa, a crazy Crossing the Equator ceremony where first time innocents are given forfeits such as getting creamed with pies, pelted with eggs and kissing a salmon by King Neptune and his consorts.”
“Pago Pago island in American Samoa after six days at sea. Lovely sleepy island.”
“Fabulous entry into fabulous Auckland. A sparkling city in every way.”
Want to see more breathtaking photography from Wendell’s holiday adventures? Check out our Facebook album here. Or shop his exclusive collection for an exotic island getaway of your own!

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