Stylista Equation: Sugar and Spice Valentine Look


We all have our signature Valentine’s Day styles, which to a large extent depend upon our outlook towards the occasion. While some of my friends choose to reject the notion entirely and some prefer to show subtle support by way of a burgundy bag or an oxblood mani, my OTT personality and the fact that my Valentine is in town for the day is my cue to milk the holiday for all it’s worth!

Yes, you will see me sporting every heart and item of red clothing within a five mile radius. Yes, I will scoop up every possible Valentine’s Day deal I can find (speaking of which, Stylista has a great one on at the moment) and yes, I will be unapologetic about it. So here’s my dream V-Day outfit, from one girly girl to another! Kiss kiss!

What I love about this dress is that it isn’t your trypical Valentine’s Day red. The bright, punchy colour is the perfect way to show you’re a fun date. It looks great on most body types too. And the fact that it’s been designed by Wendell Rodricks makes me feel like my style is in good hands!

2. Multi-colour bag:

Sure I could have gone down the traditional route and matched my bag and shoes, but this quirky bag is the perfect way to subtly incorporate my favourite colour combination du jour, red and pink, into my outfit. You can see me wearing it here.

3. Glitter sandals:

Glitter is a major trend this season, especially in footwear. I love how these babies twinkle in the light, setting the mood for a night of fun flirting!

4. ‘Love’ ring:

They don’t call me Captain Obvious in the office for nothing! Just in case the roses, red dress, wine and gift aren’t clue enough, this cheeky little ring serves as a not-so-subtle reminder that it’s Valentine’s Day. *wink wink*

5. Gold gloss

Gold gloss really doesn’t get enough credit in the beauty department. Subtle and sexy, the little flaxen flecks catch the light (even better if it’s candle light) and make your lips look fuller. Always a win!

What are you wearing this Valentine’s Day? It isn’t too late to get your hands on your dream dress. Check these out before you hit the stores, and have a great Valentine’s Day!