Your Last Minute Valentine’s Day Checklist


The big day is finally here and you couldn’t be more excited! You’ve already picked out the perfect dress and a pair of gorgeous pumps to match. But no Stylista’s look is finished without the perfect blowout, flushed cheeks and a mani to set the mood. Which is why we’ve put together a last minute checklist before you walk out the door. Let the primping begin!

1. Sport a cheeky glow

Nothing says you’re up for a night of fun flirting like a cheeky glow. Pick a foundation in a colour closest to your skin tone, but don’t dull it down with translucent powder. Instead, dab on a cheek stain or a cream blush and let your au naturale flush do the talking.

2. Have your nails done

Often overlooked, nails have the power to make or break a look. A contrast colour (we love a pop of hot pink against red), a subtle nude, dull gold polish or French tips go a long way. Make sure your polish isn’t chipped before you walk out the door!

3. Get your wave on

Our favourite Valentine’s Day hair look? Loose, tousled waves! Get the look by working some mousse into damp hair and pull back into a bun. Blast it with a blow dryer for a few minutes and voila! That sexy, glamorous bed head is now yours.


4. Maximise your lashes

Trust us when we say the eyes have it. What better way to communicate than by good, old-fashioned eye contact? Which is why a well made-up eye should be the focal point of your beauty look. Not a fan of false eyelashes? No problem! Opt for a thickening or lengthening mascara. You’ll thank us later.

5. Prep that skin

De-fuzz before your big date by booking a waxing appointment at your favourite salon. If you’re running short on time, grab a razor to get rid of any unsightly hair. Have an extra few minutes? Use a loofah or a body scrub to slough away dead cells, then slather on moisturiser onto damp skin to lock in moisture and reveal an irresistible glow.

6. Splurge on a new scent

A sweet-smelling perfume is the perfect way to set the mood, whether playful, sexy or shy. We love fragrances with undertones of vanilla for a girl-next-door vibe. But if you’re up to being a little bold, opt for a musky scent to unleash your inner bombshell.

7. Sport a touch of red

Sure it may be a cliché, but it just wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without it. Our favourite way to mix a touch of red into our beauty look is to add a smidgen of burgundy or crimson to our nails or lips. If you’re opting for a bold mouth, be sure to exfoliate your pout by lightly rubbing it with a damp towel, then slicking on some lip balm before you paint on your pucker.

8. Check for the essentials

Make sure your bag has all your date night necessities – a lipstick for touch-ups, a mini perfume bottle, a compact to blot away excess shine, a comb to fix flyaways and breath mints to keep garlic breath at bay.


9. Set the mood

Help set the mood before your big night has even begun. Light a scented candle or two in your room while you’re getting dressed and turn on that playlist of mushy love songs you’ve been avoiding for the rest of the year. Now is their time to chime!

10. Don’t forget the heels!

A great pair of heels serves as in instant pick-me-up for your derriere, while also lengthening your legs and giving your gait pronounced confidence. Where do we sign up?

What’s the one beauty essential you can’t live without before a big date? Tell us about it in the comments section below. Still haven’t found your dream V-day outfit? Check out these neat little options now, only on!