Stylista Equation: Spa Day


There’s nothing quite like a little “me” time, especially over the weekend. It doesn’t matter how you spend it: you could pour over arduous crossword puzzles, slave away over that perfect batch of brownies or indulge in an epic marathon of Sex And The City re-runs. Or you could head to the spa.

For us here at Stylista HQ, a relaxing day at the spa is the perfect way to indulge after a gruelling week at work. Here’s what we would wear for an afternoon of well-deserved pampering:

1. Nishka Lulla for Stylista Sugar Coated Blouse: Super comfy and oh-so-cute, this candy-coloured top is the perfect choice for a relaxing day out.

2. Stylista Original Party In Pink Shorts: A pair of shorts are super easy to slip in and out of, just the kind of outfit you need after you’ve gotten the perfect massage and need your skin to breathe.

3. Nude Nail Polish: Go ahead, treat yourself to a manicure at the spa. After all, you’ve probably being typing away at your keyboard all week, and your fingers definitely need some good R&R. A pretty pink or subtle nude is always our go-to colour.

4. A Big White Tote: Our handbag of choice to the spa would be a roomy tote that can hold all the usual essentials. We love this chic white one, don’t you?

5. Dainty Headband: Keeping in mind all those relaxing and rejuvenating facials, a headband is a good idea, especially when you want to keep all your hair away from your face post a therapeutic treatment.

6. Favourite Magazine: Catch up on the latest trends, style notes and insider know-how you’ve missed out on all week, while you wait for your nails to dry (we told you this was a good idea!).

7. Comfy Sandals: Choose a pair of sandals that are easy to slip on and off.

Stay tuned for more Stylista Equations only on Stylista Insider. Shop here for the Sugar Coated Blouse by Nishka Lulla for Stylista and the Stylista Original Party In Pink Shorts!

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