#Tastemaker: Aparna Badlani


With a personal style that could be described as bohemian-meets-classic cool, Aparna Badlani – the curator and co-owner of leading multi-designer store Atosa – is one of the most influential fashionistas on the scene. From being on top of the latest trends to astutely picking a mix of emerging and veteran designers to showcase at her store each season, she’s quickly gained a reputation for identifying young guns in the business before they go on to become household names. One of Stylista’s earliest champions, she’s also one of our favourite fashion girls and #Tastemaker No. 1 to kick off this fun series on Stylista Insider!

We collaborated with Aparna on our Monica DograxStylista collection, since both Monica and her sartorial leanings have common ground, i.e. rocker chic style where statement accessories rule. Taking time out of her busy schedule, Aparna showed us how she rocks her favourite pieces from the collection and shares her personal style mantras with us. Ladies, take note!


SHOP NOW: Angel Eye Floral Dress. Aparna dresses it up with red peep-toe pumps, a gold bracelet and a statement ring that perfectly compliments her personality!

Your Top 3 style rules?
1. Accessorise right. I prefer wearing not-so-elaborate clothes and dressing them up with accessories.
2. Experiment. I prefer wearing asymmetric, loose-fit pieces over the usual, fitted ones.
3. Always step out in a pair of heels!

Your signature styling trick?
Accessorising is the trick! Wear the simplest clothes and make it look “wow” with chuck accessories.



SHOP NOW: Nadia’s Smoke Ombre Dress. Aparna styles this dip-dyed boho dress with a statement necklace and classic nude pumps

A woman should never be without…
a pair of heels!

Your go-to outfit for a day out?
Priyadarshini Rao‘s trapeze dresses; they are just so flattering and feminine! I have about 5-6 of them.



SHOP NOW: Angel Eye Floral Dress. The colourful dress is a statement by itself, so one chunky bauble is enough to dress it up. Here, Aparna expertly accents the dress with a funky gold bracelet

Your Top 5 favourite pieces from Stylista.com?
1. Nadia’s Smoke Ombre Dress by Monica Dogra
2. Angel Eye Floral Dress by Monica Dogra
3. Kashmiri Karma Dress by Monica Dogra
4. Tequila Sunset Dress by Monica Dogra
5. Cheeky Chikita Bikini by Shivan & Narresh

Photos: Ajit Dhamapurkar

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