‘I’m Used To Being Ahead Of My Time’

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Is there anything the multi-faceted Monica Dogra cannot do? The singer / actress / activist / designer is on a winning streak this year, first with the release of her solo album Spit, her debut as a designer for Stylista, and now with her latest indie film Fireflies, which hit theatres last week and has received critical praise on the international festival circuit. Apart from playing a vital role in the film, her new single Good Thing (also featured on Spit) is part of the movie’s soundtrack and released around the same time as the movie. Clearly the actress has much to celebrate, and we love to champion our favourite people as much as we can. So we decided to have a candid chat with the songstress to discuss a little more about her role in Fireflies as well as her solo album:

1. Can you tell us a little bit about Fireflies?
Fireflies is a beautifully shot, sensitive exploration of human relationships, love, and the grey areas that lie therein.

The promo of Fireflies

2. And what about your role in it?
I play a character called Michelle, who has writer’s block after her first book, hence she goes out on an adventure and subsequently a hiatus from normal life, all to seek out inspiration.

3. The film has been showcased at several international film festivals. What has the response been like?
The response has been great! The world is not ready to see this side of India though. In that respect, I’m used to being ahead of my time.

4. What are your expectations from the release in India?
I expect for this film to reach millions of people, and redefine Indian cinema. That is the hope!

The video of Good Thing

5. Tell us about your single Good Thing from Spit, which is part of the film’s soundtrack. How does the track connect with the movie?
Good Thing is a song about finally discovering a love that unfolds with gentility and strength…about that moment when you don’t need to be strong and guarded anymore, because you are with someone who is stronger than you…someone who will make you better…someone who will help you rise into a higher love. That’s what Fireflies is all about too, so it was a perfect fit!

6. How has the response to your solo album been like? Is it everything you expected and more?
It has been utterly beautiful. I had no expectation, to be honest. I just made something with all the love inside of me, and commenced the prayer.

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